🥣 Black Bean Soup 3 Ways

aka one of the easiest soups to make

I just returned home from a wonderful week-long getaway in the mountains in Oregon and feel refreshed and better than ever. And, I’m ready to cook!

Up first, is my super easy Healthy Black Bean Soup recipe.

Healthy Black Bean Soup is a staple in my kitchen.

It’s crazy easy to make and tastes like it came from a gourmet restaurant kitchen.

With 3 cooking options, ingredients that can be included or left out, and over a dozen potential toppings, this black bean soup is as adaptable as it is tasty.

If you usually enjoy black bean soup at a restaurant, prepare for a hot bowl of goodness that may make you want to order from your own kitchen.

I prefer to make it in the Instant Pot because pressure cooking beans makes them easier to digest, but you can also make this in a CrockPot or on the stovetop if that works best for you.

I think black bean soup tastes best from dried beans (and dried beans are cheap!), but you can use canned beans in a pinch.

If you make it, leave a comment on the blog post for other readers in our community.

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Coming Up…

I’m currently putting together my Mother’s Day guide for those of you in the US who celebrate Monther’s Day… look for that coming in the next week.

I’m also working on a healthy flour substitute guide for you, and my favorite healthy (easy!) chicken breast cooking guide—these are two things I’m asked about a ton so we’re putting together comprehensive guides for you.

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