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The Edit is a weekly(ish) premium newsletter by Elizabeth Rider with extra recipes, access to online cooking classes & behind-the-scenes notes about life in and out of the kitchen.

The Edit is home to bonus recipes, online cooking classes, weekly meal planning ideas, and community threads for my blog readers. In short, it’s the most convenient way for me to get you more recipes more quickly, and host online cooking classes at no extra charge to premium newsletter subscribers. In The Edit, I share what I make in my kitchen each week, thoughts on food and health, how I plan weekly meals, and daily life happenings.

Founding Subscriber Price: $5/month (or $50/year); Reg. Price: $10/month (or $97/year)

My free newsletter is available on my website at elizabethrider.com—and it’s as good as ever (nothing is changing with the free version.) The Edit is a paid-only subscription, and Founding Subscribers get 50% off forever to celebrate the launch. [The price will increase to $10/month (or $97/year) in 2021.]

All paid members get (yes, you should join):

  • Bonus Recipes with weekly notes about life behind-the-scenes of running an online personal brand. These days blog recipes are written, photographed, edited, and scheduled weeks or months out. With The Edit, you’ll get more recipes more quickly.

  • Zoom Cooking Classes {Quarterly}: These are normally priced at $39 each (so, yeah, The Edit is a STEAL). Dates will be released two weeks in advance and replays will be available as long as you’re in the community. The larger the community grows, the more cooking classes we can add. Our first class, Mom’s Pot Roast Made Healthy {& Easy!}, will be held January 14th at 9am PT/12pm ET.

  • Community Discussions on The Edit emails and bonus discussion threads. Up until now, comments were only for blog posts. With The Edit, the community can click in the email to a comment thread to read and/or participate in the discussion. (This is completely optional.)

  • $5/month (or $50/year) for Founding Subscribers; cancel anytime with one click if it’s not for you

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of The Edit premium newsletter goes directly to your inbox, and subscribers can access all previous editions online as well.

Why The Edit? Why Now?

The Edit is home to the more intimate details of my kitchen and home life. It’s also my solution to host online cooking classes at the best price possible to students that still makes sense for my business and the best way for me to get recipes to you more quickly. Maintaining a high-traffic blog is something I love doing, but recipe posts need to be edited, photographed, and scheduled on the blog. With the edit, you’ll get recipes more quickly (and some that may never show up on the blog at all).

And…In the past year, I went from loving single life to now loving life as a family of four. I recently moved in full-time with my love (and two gorgeous bonus daughters, ages 8 and 10) and will be sharing life, food, recipes & renovations in my new home in and out of the kitchen.

You can expect:

  • additional recipes + behind-the-scenes photos

  • quarterly zoom cooking classes to become a better home chef

  • notes on recipe development and how to create meals with what you have in your kitchen, plus how to modify recipes to fit your eating style

  • what we make for dinner & how I meal plan when for a family of 4 (and when it’s just the 2 of us)

  • thoughts on what it means to live a healthful and fulfilled (and imperfect) life

The Edit will arrive in your inbox about once per week (I take a few tech-free vacations every year, and you should, too.)

Zoom Cooking Classes

Normally $39 each; no extra charge for The Edit subscribers (yeah, The Edit is a STEAL!)

Zoom cooking classes for this community will be A.MA.ZING. We’ll cover things like Mom’s Pot Roast Made Healthy, GF Chicken Parmesean, How to Make Soup with what you have in the kitchen, and other recipes by popular request. The classes are meant for you to get the ingredients or cook with me—or you can simply watch and make the recipe later (you do you, boo). Classes will be held in January, March, May, and August to start. {Dates will be announced 2 weeks out.} Our first class is January 14th at 9am PT/12pm ET.

What’s not included?

  • I won’t be able to reply to email responses due to volume. We can, however, connect on the Zoom cooking classes where I’m up to answer anything.

  • Advanced customer support. The Edit includes weekly notes from Elizabeth and access to coveted Zoom cooking classes. The Edit does not include one-on-one coaching or advanced support. It’s easy to subscribe and easy to unsubscribe if you find it’s not for you. Please note that all sales are final. You can cancel at any time but refunds are not provided for previous months. In short, this is a pay as you go, choose-to-stay-or-not community. We do hope you’ll stay, and we know you’ll love it.

A note on costs if you need it…

A handful of subscriptions are reserved each month (based on our current number of subscribers) for people who want The Edit but for any reason isn’t in their financial cards right now. Email us at support@elizabethrider.com if you’d like to apply for a gifted-subscription (we keep your info private and anonymous, it’s just between us). If you can afford the $5/month, please leave these for people who really need it.

In the meantime, tell your friends.

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