Easter Brunch Ideas

aka awesome ideas for small gatherings

Now that Seattle is finally in Phase 3, I immediately jumped on hosting an Easter brunch for my sister’s family and my two cousins who live here.

To be honest, we’re the type of people who aren’t religious but still gather on Easter for brunch. However you gather, you’re going to need some good food!

Our 2yo golden retriever, Maple, who was just tuckered out enough to sit still and let me take this photo. She wants you to know that she is slightly annoyed but v happy to pose for photos for newsletters.

To celebrate our first family gathering in what feels like forever, I’m making a large quiche with my almond flour quiche crust (currently testing the filling) with a simple green salad dressed with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. My sister is bringing a fruit salad and scones, and my cousins will bring a brunch-y type dessert.

If dessert wasn’t already taken care of, I’d definitely be making my 1-Bowl Carrot Cake Bread, which a recent blog reader just gave 5 stars and commented “This is delicious and full of flavor. I’ll make it often. Thank you!” My entire family loves it, too, but I made it so often the last few months while I was testing the recipe that we need to take a few weeks off the carrot cake train (we’ll be back on soon, I’m sure!).

Here Are More Ideas for Easter Brunch:

1-Bowl Carrot Cake Bread Loaf:

Almond Flour Scones:

Family-Style Chia & Hemp Seed Overnight Oats:

Healthy Hashbrown Casserole:

Almond Flour Quiche Crust:

As mentioned above, I’m still testing the filling for my Easter brunch quiche, but you can use any quiche filling in this almond flour crust. I also give you a general filling recipe on the post. (My Spinach Frittata would be awesome in it, too!) I’ll post a complete quiche recipe as soon as I’ve worked it out, but for now, you can use the crust because it’s incredible.

Cooking for 1 or 2?

If you’re cooking for 1 or 2, here are 13 ways to make eggs if you want to mix things up!

And finally, any smoothie is perfect for a single serving. Or serve it in small juice glasses for a wonderful addition to a brunch table. I would serve my Pineapple Spinach Smoothie for an unexpected sweet treat that guests would love.

Happy April,